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We want to offer MEP consultants in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Our company has a software package designed for the design of internal engineering communications. It includes tools for the design of ventilation systems, heating, heating and heating, electric lighting and power supply.

The main thing that makes our company successful is the presence of highly qualified specialists. The experience of our specialists allows us to provide you with a high quality project at an affordable price. We provide international design services for MEP. Our portfolio includes sketches for various types of MEP based on your needs. In addition to the drawings, our specialists are ready to provide the customer with a concept, design, sketch, documentation for construction, industrial projects. The company employs more than 120 engineers Revit / Autodesk, who specialize in all areas of construction.

All projects are developed in Revit 3D. Construction4d uses only licensed AutoCAD software and licensed Revit software. Our team is able to implement design services for the construction of commercial, residential and industrial buildings. The growth and development of thrives on the efforts of all high-level staff.

We fully consider the opinions and preferences of our Customers for their projects, and, thanks to our many years of experience, we can help you find the most optimal technical solutions, design them and monitor the installation work of one of the most complex engineering systems. in developing. is included in the list of engineering consultants for MEP in Dubai as a reliable partner in the implementation of your project

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Мы работаем в различные регионы и страны: Владикавказ, Набережные Челны, Нальчик, Краснодар, Ереван (Армения), Тбилиси (Грузия), Баку (Азербайджан), Ашхабад (Туркменистан), Алма-Ата (Казахстан), Ташкент (Узбекистан), Душанбе (Таджикистан)

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